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The Korea International Cooperation Agency was founded in April 1991 under the wing of Foreign Ministry of the Republic of Korea. Ever since, the Agency better known by the acronym KOICA, has been at the forefront of Korea’s international development effort.

KOICA’s aim is to facilitate socio-economic development of its partner countries and promote friendly and cooperative relations between the Republic of Korea and developing countries around the world.

During the course of socio-economic development since the Korean War, Korea has learned a lot of painful but useful lessons. Now Korea shares these lessons with its developing country partners by giving practical tools and knowledge to those struggling to escape harsh conditions and achieve social stability and economic prosperity.

Technical Cooperation

Human Resource Development (HRD) has been the one and most important factor for socio-economic development. As a way of technical cooperation, KOICA builds partner countries’ capacity in human resource by inviting government officials, researchers, and promising young students to Korea and teaching them how to facilitate and promote socio-economic development. KOICA also sends development experts and volunteers to work in a variety of areas. These Koreans with professional skills and work experience help a great number of individuals who want to build a better life for themselves, their children, and their communities.

Grant Aid

Too often, and too badly, many developing countries do not have necessary resources and infrastructure even if they want to do something about their problem of underdevelopment. That is why KOICA places a high priority on conducting surveys and supporting the construction of essential infrastructure such as roads, hospitals, schools as grant aids. Also as a part of its development program, KOICA provides equipment and facilities required at vocational training centers, schools, public health centers, and research institutes.

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