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The Cambodian government is striving to achieve its rectangular strategy III through 2014 to 2018 national strategic development plan (NSDP) with the mid and long term vision to reaches Upper Middle Income Country by 2030 and High Income Country by 2050. Korean Government is making an effort to contribute to Cambodia’s successful implementation of rectangular strategy III and NSDP. Korean Government set up the official development assistance priority areas for Cambodia based on Cambodia’s development strategies, Cambodia’s development needs, Korea’s comparative advantage, donor coordination, and bilateral and bilateral policy discussions. Korea will allocate 70% of its ODA budget on the four priority areas.

1) Transportation: Improve inter-regional accessibility and sub-ruban economic development through constructing transport infrastructures.

2) Water Management and Public Health Development: Support to ensure health care right and insurance for preservation water resource management and health life

3) Education Development: Human resources development through improvement of educational quality and system

4) Rural Development: Strengthen sustainability and improvement of undeveloped environment in rural area

1-Country Partnership Strategy(CPS)

The Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) identifies the priority cooperation areas without affecting possible cooperation opportunity for project in another area jointly agreed upon by the Korean and Cambodian governments. Based on the development needs identified, the Korean government has drafted implementation strategy for priority cooperation area including the types of cooperation offered such as technical and financial cooperation, public-private partnerships, and triangular cooperation.

In this context, this document is organized into following main sections: (i) priority areas of cooperation and support plans for each priority area, (ii) evaluation and implementation framework, and (iii) partnership plans. Based on mutual understanding and respect, the Republic of Korea will seek to improve development effectiveness anchored in its own development experience and relative advantages and based on the National Strategy Development Plan 2014-2018 (NSDP).

Download: Korea’s CPS (2016-2020)

2-KOICA Mid-Term strategy(2016-2020)

In recognition of the need for comprehensive efforts to realize the SDGs, KOICA has worked to develop strategies to maximize its contributions to the SDGs → KOICA Mid-Term strategy (2016-2020). 

DownloadKOICA Mid-Term strategy (2016-2020)

Leaflet, KOICA Mid-Term strategy (2016-2020)

Please click link to download

1- Leaflet (Education)

2-Leaflet (Health)

3-Leaflet (Agriculture & Rural Development)

4-Leaflet (Transportation)

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