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As of January 10, 2018

Updated as of February 21, 2018

Address and Contact:

⇒Office Phone: (855) 23-964 150/1/3
⇒Office Fax: (855) 23-964 152
⇒Address: Phnom Penh Tower, 12th Floor, #445, Monivong Blvd, Corner Street 232, Sangkat Boeung Prolet, Khan 7   Makara, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday, 8:00~11:30, 13:00~17:30



Cambodian/Korean Public Holidays in 2018

KOICA Holidays in 2018
JAN 1(Mon.) New Year JAN 1 (Mon.)
JAN 7(Sun.) Victory day over Genocide Regime JAN 8 (Mon.substitute
JAN 31(Wed.) Meak Bochea Day JAN 31 (Wed.)
MAR 1(Thur.) Korean Independence Movement Day MAR 1(Thur.)
MAR 8(Thur.) International Women’s Day MAR 8(Thur.)
APR 14(Sat.)- 16(Mon.) Khmer New Year APR 1617(Mon.& Tues.) substitute
ARP 29 (Sun.) Visak Bochea Day APR 30 (Mon.substitute
MAY 1(Tues.) International Labour Day MAY 1(Tues.)
MAY 3 (Thur.) Royal Ploughing Ceremony MAY 3 (Thur.)
MAY 13(Sun.)-15 (Tues.) H.E. King Sihamoni’s Birthday MAY 14-15-16(Mon,Tues,& Wed)substitute
MAY 20 (Sun.) National Day of Remembrance MAY 21 (Mon.) substitute (*)
JUN 1(Fri.) International and Cambodia Children’s Day JUN 1(Fri.)
JUN 18(Mon.) H.M. The Queen’s Birthday JUN 18 (Mon.)
AUG 15(Wed.) Korean National Liberation Day AUG 15(Wed.)
SEP 24 (Mon.) Constitution Day SEP 24 (Mon.)
OCT 3(Wed.) Korean National Foundation Day OCT 3(Wed.)
OCT 8 (Mon.)-10 (Wed.)  P’chum Ben OCT 8 (Mon.)-10 (Wed.)
OCT 9(Tues.) Korean Hangul Proclamation Day OCT 9 (Tues.)
OCT 15(Mon.) H.M. King Sihanouk’s Mourning Day OCT 15(Mon.)
OCT 23(Tues.) Paris Peace Agreements Day OCT 23 (Tues.)
OCT 29(Mon.) King’s Coronation Day OCT 29(Mon.)
NOV 9 (Fri.) National Independence Day NOV 9 (Fri.)
NOV 21 (Wed.)-23 (Fri.) Water Festival NOV 21 (Wed.)-23 (Fri.)
DEC 10(Mon.) International Human Rights Day DEC 10(Mon.)

*Note: A sub-decree signed by Prime Minister Hun Sen and Deputy Prime Minister Bin Chhin on February 14, 2018 declares that “May 20” is the “National Day of Remembrance”. According to the sub-decree, the holiday is to “respect and pray for the victims who passed away from Democratic Kampuchea regime”.


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