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How to Apply

The KOICA Cambodia Office welcomes that you are taking into consideration Korea as a possible cooperation partner country for the sustainable socio-economic development of Cambodia.

To better serve your needs and request, we would like to encourage you to take the following steps when you wish to request projects/programs to KOICA Cambodia Office:

Step 1: Identify what you need

The Cambodian line ministries and agencies need to review their own development projects/programs and their priorities, and identify the specific projects/programs or sectors by themselves.

Step 2: Formulate the project/program work scope

If specific projects/programs or sectors are chosen, the Cambodian line ministries and agencies are required to make the proposal, including the budget scale, work scope, etc., in consultation with the KOICA Cambodia Office on the Project Concept Paper Form, Country Training Program Form and Request For Korean Expert Form. Please fill out these forms, providing as much information as possible to let us have a better understanding of your needs and request.

Step 3: Submit your project/program proposal:

Please deliver the above mentioned forms to KOICA Cambodia Office through the official and diplomatic channels. Since we provide our cooperation projects/programs on the basis of government’s request, the Cambodian line ministries and agencies are kindly advised to deliver your request forms to KOICA Cambodia Office via the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MFA.IC) of the Kingdom of Cambodia. This procedure is to respect the Cambodian government’s role in assuming ownership and coordinating the development cooperation projects/programs carried out in its territory. Your request is initially reviewed at KOICA Cambodia Office and transferred to KOICA headquarter for further study on the projects/programs’ appropriateness.

KOICA will support the Cambodian Government to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development as an overarching Goal of its Grant Aid Program as mentioned in the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) for Cambodia with focusing on the four (4) following priority areas.

  1. Industry and Energy: Contribute to establishing an environment-friendly basis for sustainable growth through the construction of physical transport infrastructure and efforts at improving the energy sector.
  2. Rural and Agricultural Development: Contribute to poverty reduction and the efforts to tackle the effects of climate change.
  3. Human Resources Development: Contribute to key private sector growth areas by helping to train a skilled workforce and guide the development of advanced human resources
  4. Health and Medical Services: Focus on maternal and child health care, contribute to the enhancement of health services in terms of both quality and quantity.

In addition, KOICA Cambodia Office will maintain cross-sector (environment, democracy, civil society, gender, public administration, etc) approaches including “good governance” which is the core value of the Rectangular Strategy Phase 2 of the Royal Government of Cambodia, in its Program identification, Planning, Implementation & Monitoring, and Evaluation.

For further information, please contact us

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