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Inauguration Ceremony of Cambodia-Korea Rural Development Center

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The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) together with the Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) has organized inauguration ceremony of the Cambodia-Korea Rural Development Center (CKRDC) on Aug. 02, 2017. The ceremony was celebrated under presence of Deputy Prime Minister Yim Chhayly, Chairman of Cambodia Agriculture, Rehabilitation and Development, and H.E. Choi Sung Ho, the Acting President of KOICA with 3,000 guests including village leaders from 3 target provinces, MRD/PDRDs officer, line ministries, INGOs/NGO and Development Partners.

Cambodia-Korea Rural Development Center is established as a part of ‘Self-supporting rural development project’. The Self-Supporting Rural Development Project is a 5-year project under 8.95 million USD grant aids from the Republic of Korea. This project is implemented in cooperation between KOICA and MRD and has 3 components such as 1) Formulation of Master Plan on Cambodia’s Rural Development, 2) Pilot Village Project Implementation and 3) CKRDC establishment. Master plan has been developed completely as a roadmap for agriculture and rural development in Cambodia and more than 600 grassroots projects are being implemented in 30 pilot villages at 3 provinces, Kampong Speu, Takeo and Tbong Khmum. Finally, this center is playing a key role for human resources development

Cambodia-Korea Rural Development Center is constructed on site area of 102,716m2 at Phkong village, Chbarmorn Commune, Chbarmorn District Kampong Speu Province with total budget of 2.2 million USD. The center contains educational and living facilities such as lecture rooms, auditorium, library, exhibition hall, faculty office, meeting room, dormitory, kitchen, cafeteria, etc.
CKRDC is an inclusive center for providing capacity building via various training courses on mindset change, leadership development, agriculture science, and rural development. The center will be running 1 week short term course and 2 weeks long term course and will be training around 300-400 persons in a year.

During the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Yim Chhayly has expressed that Cambodian government’s thanks to the people and the government of the Republic of Korea for supports including technical and budget on rehabilitation works and infrastructure & human resource development. He also mentioned that Cambodian government is strongly paying attention to rural development and poverty reduction. Therefore, H. E. expressed his hope that the center will play a key role for rural people to have opportunity and capacity to catch up the outcomes of development nationally, regionally and globally, leading to improve living standard and shorten gap between urban and rural area.

DPM has also requested all the stakeholders try to work hard to operate this center for sustainability. He has requested MRD to prepare necessary mechanisms and make strengthen institution especially capacity of staff and also stressed that MRD and MEF should cooperate each other to prepare national budget to support activities and programs of center

H.E. Choi, Sung Ho, the Acting President of KOICA, has mentioned that Cambodia-Korea rural development Center is established as a component of ‘self-supporting rural development project’ which concept is based on Korean Saemaul Undong(New Village Movement). He emphasized that after 10 years of Saemaul Undong in Korea, the Saemaul Undong spirit of ‘diligence, self-help, cooperation’ has transferred farmer’s pessimistic attitude to optimistic and hopeful one. H. E. Choi Sung Ho mentioned that as Korean Saemual Undong has changed Korean rual society, Cambodian ‘self-supporting rural development project’ will increase farmer’s confidence for better-off and this change of mind-set will become the turning-point of Cambodian rural society for development.

H.E. Ouk Rabun, Minister of MRD also emphasized that this center will play key roles to increase capacity of officer at MRD/PDRD, VDC, and rural people in Cambodia and to increase rural economic development, leading to improving living standard and poverty reduction. H.E expressed his hope that the center will help rural people in Cambodia to catch up the opportunity of rural development in national, regional and global level.

The center will be operated in cooperation between KOICA and MRD until 2018 and after 2018, it will be handed over to MRD’s ownership.

The center will help improve the participants to understand how and why local community development takes place as well as to stimulate them to think what is required to achieve a better life and to make them to practice new behaviors. Moreover, it will build capacity of village leader for model villages to plan and implement their own community development plan successfully. from 6 am to 9 pm, the participant will enjoy all aspects of programs such as lecture in class, practice at field, study tour, group discussion, case study sharing session, recreation, meditation, exercise activities, environment activities, etc.

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