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Sok Sabay Team

What’s SST?

“Soksabay” is a name of Korean volunteers group which created by Korean Overseas Volunteers (KOV) dispatched to Cambodia through KOICA and it means “Happiness” in Khmer language. Soksabay team was created in order to directly deliver their supports such as health treatment, education and entertainment to children and people in rural areas in Cambodia.

How was SST created?

  • 2004 Soksabay was firstly created with a group of nurse volunteers in the purpose of rural development.
  • 2006 November After the senior volunteer finish their mission, the junior volunteers have continued Soksabay team with various types of activities. Especially, volunteers in education section joined the team to provide their teaching to Cambodian children. From that time, the name of Soksabay team has created. Then on December 31st the team receipt USD 200 from selling the donated goods from senior volunteers, and they used the money for the new start of Soksabay team.
  • 2009 all team members gathered together to discuss about the weak points of the team and the result showed that in order to increase volunteers activities in Cambodia, the team has divided into 3 group “Medical team” “Education team” and “Entertainment team”. Also the team not only provides the volunteer support to the people in rural areas but the team have to find area which needs help in urgent then the team will go straight to support them.

How SST organize the activities

More than 20 volunteers gather once every month and donate their own money each USD 10 for their volunteer activities in any areas that need helps. But since Soksabay team has expanded their supporting activities, they faced with financial problem and after that KOICA supported the team with vehicles… etc and this support helps Soksabay team play their volunteering roles more effectively.

see Sok Sabay website


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