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Other Assistants

Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief is a type of humanitarian assistance that provides immediate relief to victims of natural disasters through the supply of emergency relief goods and the dispatch of relief personnel. After heavy typhoon ‘Ketsana’ hit Cambodia in late 2009, KOICA supported with emergency food and commodities worth 200,000 USD to those who had been left injured, homeless, and short of food.

Multi-lateral cooperation

Multilateral systems provide the best prospects for an inclusive process to set the “rules for international conduct” and a forum to promote values important to Korea, including democracy, human development and social justice. To promote aid effectiveness and harmonize with the international community, KOICA is continuing to strengthen its network with multilateral organization through contributions, joint programs, joint evaluation of projects, and joint training courses. By collaborating with multilateral organizations, so called ‘multi-bi assistance’, KOICA expects to diversify ODA delivery channels. Grant aid represents over 60% of multilateral assistance.

Between 1991 and 2006, KOICA cooperated with 55 multilateral and international organizations with a total budget of US$ 29.545 million, accounting for 2.4% of KOICA’s total grant aid. During the same period, the top ten international organizations such as UNHCR, UNESCAP, UNICEF, UNDP, WFP, etc. that received KOICA’s aid took US$ 19.1 million or 64.5% of the total budget for multilateral cooperation.

In 2006, the proportion of aid delivered through multilateral cooperation dropped to 0.63%, but this type of cooperation is expected to grow from 2007, since KOICA is increasing support to the African region through international organizations and endeavoring to secure additional aid delivery channels and increase the visibility of its assistance and improve aid effectiveness.

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