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collecting the news from national and international news which were released about KOICA Activities in Cambodia

Please follow the links to download and/or read the news release in Khmer, Korean, and English about KOICA’s Activities in Cambodia from 2017 until now:

Feb. 2018

2018.02.14. AKP (Khmer): [H.E. Im Sour & Country Director of KOICA Cambodia Office Presided over Request Survey Consultation Meeting for Korean Fiscal Year 2020 ], Download PDF file here: AKP (Khmer 2018.02.14.)

2018.02.14. AKP (English): CDC and KOICA Hold a Technical Meeting on Korea’s Grand Assistance Project for FY 2020, Download PDF file here: AKP (English 2018.02.14.)

2018.02.14. DAP (Khmer): Council for the Development of Cambodia (CDC) and KOICA Host Request Survey Meeting for FY 2020, Download PDF file here: DAP-Khmer

2018.02.14. AKP (English): CDC, KOICA Host Request Survey Meeting for Fiscal Year 2020, Download PDF File here: AKP-English

2018.02.14. (Khmer): UNESCO wants to see Tuol Sleng (Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum) become a museum of peace, Download PDF file here: (ThmeyThmey)

Jan. 2018

2018. 01. 30. KhmerTimes (English): Project to digitise prison history, Download PDP file here: KhmerTimes (English)

2018.01.29. KhmerTimes (English): Khmer Rouge documents to be preserved, Download PDF file here:  KhmerTimes (English)

2018.01.22/23 PDF files (Khmer/English):KCNSA Signed MoU with Hyundai Agro (Cambodia) (AKP 2018.01.22.), (Kohsantepheap 2018.01.23)

2018.01.22 AKP (Khmer): KCNSA Signed MoU with Hyundai Agro (Cambodia)

2018.01.19/20 PDF files (Khmer/English):KOICA and MAFF Organized Workshop 1-(2018. 01. 19. Khmer Times), 2-(2018. 01. 19. Fresh News), and 3-(2018. 01. 20. Raksmey Kampuchea)

2018.01.19. Freshnews (Khmer): KOICA and MAFF organized consultative seminar on the project 『Quality Improvement and Innovation of KCNSA]

2018.01.19. KhmerTimes (English): KOICA helps agriculture school

2018.01.19. Kohsantepheap (Khmer): KOICA Invests USD 2 million to Strengthening Quality of Human Resources in Agriculture Sector

2018.01.19. AKP (Khmer): KOICA and MAFF organized consultative seminar on the project Quality Improvement and Innovation of Kampong Cham National School of Agriculture in Cambodia

2018.01.03. AKP (English): KOICA Programme Promotes Better Understanding of Korea in Cambodia

Dec. 2017:

2017.12.22. AKP (English): SSCA, KOICA Host Seminar on “CATC Training Programmes 2018”

2017.12.19.YonhapNews(English):KOICA Program Promotes Better Understanding of Korea in Cambodia

Nov. 2017:

2017.11.28. AKP (English): Korea Helps Ears Nose Throat Centre in Cambodia

2017.11.28. KhmerTimes (English): KOICA, ministry hold ‘Let’s Clean Our Houses’ event

2017.11.28. KhmerTimes (English): Korea to fund ear, nose and throat centre

2017.11.27. khmerpost (Khmer): KOICA Supports Health Sector

2017.11.26. AKP (English): Cambodia Marks “National Clean Environment Day”

2017.11.23. AKP(11.23)/ Freshnews(11.24)/ AKP(11.26, 11.27)/ Khmer Times(11.28)/ Rasmei Kampuchea(11.28)KOICA Organizes a Campaign of Using Eco 

2017.11.23. AKP (English): Ministry of Environment and KOICA Join a Campaign of Using Eco Bag

2017.11.22. Koh Santepheap Media (11.22)/ Khmer Times(11.23) KOICA Cambodia Office Holds a Workshop for 

2017.11.07. AKP (English): Inauguration Ceremony of APSARA Laboratory for Material and Structure

2017.11.06. AKP (English): Ministry of Rural Development, KOICA Host a Workshop on Model Village

Oct. 2017:

2017.10.25. KhmerTimes (English): High hopes for Cambodian potatoes

Sep. 2017:

Aug. 2017:

2017.08.10. AKP (English): Cambodian Agriculture Minister Presides Over Field Day on Potato Production in a Northeastern Province

2018.08.05. AKP (Khmer): Cambodian Secretary of State for Civil Aviation Requests for Korean Advisor

2017.08.04. AKP (English): Cambodian Secretary of State for Civil Aviation Receives KOICA Acting President

2017.08.04. AKP (English): Cambodia, Korea Strengthen Cooperation

Jul. 2017:

2017.07.13. (Khmer): More than 400,000 pages of Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum will be produced in electronic form

Jun. 2017:

May 2017:

Apr. 2017:

Mar. 2017:

2017.03.23. KhmerTimes (English): Aviation training center inaugurated

2017.03.22. AKP (English): DPM Gen. Tea Banh Presides Over the Inauguration Ceremony of CATC Building

Feb. 2017:

2017.02.17. AKP (English): KOICA Helps Cambodia in Aviation Security Training

2017.02.16. CambodiaDaily (English): S Korea Gives $3M for Cambodian Health Care

2017.02.15. AKP (English): New Partnership to Improve Health in Cambodia

2017.02.14. AKP (English): Cambodia Hosts a Workshop on Waterway Improvement for Port Logistics Development

2017.02.07. KhmerTimes (English): KOICA Scholarship Program for 2017

2017.02.02. ASEANOP (English): KOICA Scholarship Program for Cambodian Students 2017

Jan. 2017:

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