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[Press Release] KOICA & CDC Host Request Survey Meeting for FY 2020

Press Release
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Phnom Penh, February 13, 2018

KOICA & CDC Host Request Survey Meeting for FY 2020


1. The Request Survey Consultation Meeting for Korean Fiscal Year 2020 took place on February 13, 2018 at the Government Palace (Council for the Development of Cambodia) in Phnom Penh. This consultation meeting is jointly organized by the Cambodian Rehabilitation and Development Board of the Council for the Development of Cambodia (CRDB/CDC) and the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA). This meeting was presided over by H.E. Im Sour, Deputy Secretary General of CRDB/CDC, and Mr. Jeong Yun Gil, Country Director of KOICA Cambodia Office as well as relevant ministries/agencies of Cambodia.

2. The purposes of the meeting are to provide information about the Republic of Korea’s development assistance policy and administration procedures for KOICA grant aid projects; and to provide information about how to prepare the Project Concept Papers (PCPs).

3. As recognized in the National Development Strategic Plan 2014-2018, Cambodia Industrial Development Policy 2015-2025, and other development plans of Cambodia, KOICA supports priority sectors – including rural development, health, HRD and infrastructures.

4. Be reminded that KOICA has been a close partner of the Cambodian government and the people of Cambodia for more than 20 years. As friendship and economic partnership between both countries have deepened significantly in recent years, the total volume of KOICA’s aid to Cambodia reached 225 million US dollars from 1991 to 2017. That relationship has only grown stronger in recent years, and in 2017, KOICA allocated 22 million US dollars, making Cambodia the 2nd most substantial development partner of KOICA globally.

5. During the workshop, comprehensive information related to the Request Survey for Korean Fiscal Year 2020 was presented by KOICA such as 1.)- Structure of Korea’s Aid Agencies, 2.)- Korea’s Grant Aid Framework, 3.)- KOICA Activities in Cambodia, 4.)- What is PCP, and 5.)- Guidelines for PCP Preparation. This was followed by another presentation by CRDB/CDC such as information on the Process and Procedure of the whole Request Survey.

Press Release

  • KOICA & CDC Host Request Survey Meeting for FY 2020
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