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Process to request KOV

The KOV program consists of eight stages: demand surveys, recruitment of volunteers, pre-departure orientation, departure, local adaptation training, placement and overseas service, completion of service, and support for returned volunteers.

Site Survey

We are going to have site survey when we would like to extend our volunteer working activities in Cambodia or request from your organization. Security of volunteers is the highest priority issue. KOICA coordinator will visit your organization to check environment and status which you provide through a request form.

Process to Select Volunteer for Host Organization

After site survey:
Make decision -> Contact host organization to fill out KOV request form ->  KOICA sends that request form to KOICA headquarter in Korea ->  It takes at least 6 months to process the document and recruit volunteer.

Local Adaptation Training Program in Cambodia

Period: 2 months

  • Training in Phnom Penh: study Khmer language, culture and traditional, economic, and history.
  • Preliminary Meeting at Phnom Penh: We invite the relevant selected host organization to discuss about volunteer possibility work at host organization.
  • OJT (on the Job Training) and Home Stay at host organization: observe at working place and living with Cambodian family for 2 weeks to adapt themselves to live with Cambodia for 2 years later.
  • Certificate Ceremony: It celebrates to congratulate volunteer after they completed the OJT and Home Stay program successfully at their host organization.

Dispatch Volunteer

After training, volunteers are dispatched to your organization and start to work. During the periods, your organization would be advised to assign a co-worker for volunteer.

Service Completion

When 2 years’ contract finished, volunteers will return to Korea. If your organization wants to extend their services or their successor, please request volunteers again through sending a form before volunteers leave.

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