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Project Cycle

As of February 16, 2016


  1. Identification & Preparation: Identify possible projects/programs through a review on the request forms and consultation with Cambodian line ministries and agencies.
  2. Pre-Feasibility Study: Conduct filed survey and consultation on the requested projects/programs by sending KOICA survey teams to Cambodia to verify the feasibility of the projects/programs.
  3. Appraisal & Approval: Evaluation the pre-feasibility study results and determines whether or not to approve the projects/programs. Notify the Cambodian line ministries and agencies of the approval of the projects/programs.
  4. Agreement: Discuss and finalize the Terms of Reference (TOR) by signing a Record of Discussions (ROD) between KOICA and recipient Cambodian ministry. The TOR is confirmed by both governments through an exchange of Note Verbale.
  5. Implementation & Monitoring: Implement and monitor project components as scheduled. KOICA will execute various activities in cooperation with professional public and private institutions during the implementation period.
  6. Completion & Evaluation: Necessary procedural and administrative measures shall be taken to terminate all forms of assistance to projects /programs. The plan, implementation, and outcome of the completed project/programs shall be evaluated systematically and objectively.
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