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Recommended working condition of KOV

1. Working Place

  • Not so far from provincial town
  • Has proper accommodation for volunteer with 24/7 electricity and water system
  • Reach of telecommunication such as mobile phone service, transportation, and enough daily material use
  • Safety, No war, No social crisis, No natural disaster

 2. Assignment Period

  • 2 years, start from the day that they are arrival in Cambodia.

3. Working Time

  • Date: Monday to Friday
  • Working time: over 15hrs and under 20hrs/week
  • Note: The working time is not later than 17:30pm

4. Holiday

  • Domestic holiday: Following the host organization and Cambodia calendar.
  • (If Volunteer wants to apply for more holidays in country, they have to inform to KOICA and host organization at least one week’s notices)
  • Overseas Holiday: Volunteer has overseas holiday for 3 weeks: they can get overseas holiday from one year later to two months left before finishing their work period

5. Budget for Material Supply

Volunteer can request the budget for material supply to run their subject effectively such as teaching materials.

6. Termination

  • KOICA can withdraw/terminate volunteer at current host organization in anytime, If the host organization:
    1. Local area is insecure
    2. Poor cooperation with each other
    3. Does not have enough work for volunteer etc.
  • Host organization also can terminate volunteer, if volunteer:
    1. Make problem
    2. Does not hard working etc.

7. Charity Activities

Besides working at their host organization, volunteers make a charity group call Sok Sabbay to provide charity activities to rural people at rural area. Infrequently, volunteer usually find a proper time with each other and go to rural area about 2 times/year.

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